Celebrating Our Home


We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and we want to celebrate it! Located on Main St. in Vancouver, our menus feature fresh and preserved ingredients from around the Pacific Northwest, all prepared in house by our team. The drink list follows the same idea, with many bitters, syrups and tinctures created by our bartenders.


This season’s freshest local ingredients combined with last season’s bounty, preserved in house.


Partnerships with local producers and a real effort to decrease our carbon footprint.


To our home and our bodies, everything is made in house. No surprises.


Word On The Street

No Presumptions, No Pretension


Our chefs and bartenders use some different ingredients and techniques. We are more than happy to tell you about them, so please feel free to ask questions. We want everyone to feel comfortable, even if they aren’t familiar with everything. The idea is to learn about what we have available in our local region and the different ways we can make amazing dishes out of those ingredients. We are also conscious of dietary restrictions as we have family members that are affected by many different restrictions themselves. Just let your server or bartender know and the kitchen will try to make the necessary adjustments.