Award Winning Chefs

Award Winning Bartender

Our chefs and bartenders use some different ingredients and techniques. We are more than happy to tell you about them, so please feel free to ask questions.


/noh-mad/ noun

A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.

At Nomad, we strive to follow the same constructs by creating and nurturing relationships with our region’s farmers and suppliers. Menus are created using a combination of this season’s fresh crops and last season’s bounty that has been preserved in house. Our chefs know the origin and content of every dish we serve in order to provide peace of mind to our guests. Simple yet stylish, we strive to tell a story with every dish and every drink we serve. We want to teach people how to take advantage of this amazing part of the world. Seasonal, Sustainable, Respectful.

Chefs Ryan Reed and Scott Swanson and manager Taylor Burnham provide the vehicle in which guests travel throughout the Pacific coast, without leaving their seats. Menus will change with the availability of quality ingredients, delivering a new experience every time the weather changes. Check in with Nomad on a regular basis to find out what is in season.

The People Behind the Scenes


Taylor Burnham

Managing Partner

BC born and bred, Taylor has been working in the service industry for over 12 years, starting as a dishwasher and working as a line cook and kitchen manager before moving out front and bartending, serving and managing.

His passion for all things food and drink is backed up by a solid education having completed a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. Taylor also holds the Level 1 designation in the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust program.

Taylor handles the front house management as well as the day to day business duties.

Ryan Reed

Managing Partner

Another BC product, Ryan attended Vancouver Island University’s culinary program, graduating at the top of his class in 2004. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Kelowna and grew up under Chef Mark Filatow at the acclaimed Waterfront Wines.

He followed up his tenure there with positions at many acclaimed hotels and resorts on Vancouver Island, winning Vancouver Island Chef of the Year in 2011. More recently, he won an episode of Chopped Canada on the Food Network late in 2013.

If he’s not in the kitchen, Ryan can be found foraging for dinner for his family.

Scott Swanson

Managing Partner

Born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Scott got his introduction to cooking while working at the Keg Steakhouse while still in high school. With a piqued interest, he enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Okanagan University College before gaining an apprenticeship at the newly opened Waterfront Wine Bar, where he met our other acclaimed chef, Ryan Reed.

Award winning in his own right, Scott was working as a private chef on super yachts and in chalets in the French Alps when the idea for Nomad was born.

Scott also has a passion for photography and travel.

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